Why Fast Integration Is the New Innovation

Partners FCU commits to implementing best-in-class technology twice as fast.

Why Aren’t Banks Getting More from Digital by BCG

The financial services industry is shifting so quickly that it’s hard for credit unions to keep pace. Having built their reputations for superior member service in face-to-face encounters at the branch, credit unions now must meet evolving expectations for state-of-the-art mobile and online access as well. Members want all that delivered seamlessly—along with whatever the next big thing right around the bend may be.

C-Suite Interviews #16 – John Janclaes

C-Suite Interviews #16 – John Janclaes

How to Harness the Agile Mindset in your Digital Transformation

Join John Janclaes, CEO of Partners FCU, as he shares part two of his five-part series highlighting Partners’ journey through digital transformation while employing the agile mindset. In this episode, you will hear from members of the cross functional agile team as they detail the last two months of their training and what the agile methodology has done for their teams as they attempt to move 2x as fast through their transformation process.

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Accelerating Digital Initiatives – White Papers

Partners Federal Credit Union digital transformation will accelerate, in part, through learning from others (e.g. Mc Kinsey, Bain & Company, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) , etc.). Here are a couple articles about the competitive landscape; agile methodologies and how agile is changing how work gets done.

Why Aren’t Banks Getting More from Digital by BCG

Digital transformation is the key to a competitive future. But the banking industry lags behind others in making the  switch, and many banks struggle to make digital pay. A BCG survey revealed three challenges: failure to deliver on the vision, challenges in scaling up, and insufficient impact on the bottom line.

Agile Innovation by Bain & Company

Agile methods have boosted success rates of new product development in software. Now they are poised to improve innovation in nearly every function of every business.

Why Partners FCU Accelerating Its Digital Journey 4x Faster Today

Most credit unions today — if not all — are making plans or have plans to go digital. The last couple of years we’ve seen a massive “digitization” movement in our industry to maintain or even enhance the incredible growth that has occurred — and because the bigger financial institutions are doing the same on a much, much larger scale.

For this reason and more, Partners Federal Credit Union is embarking on an aggressive digital acceleration journey to answer its members’ needs. It has partnered with such companies as KONY and The Boston Consulting Group to help it achieve this acceleration, which it plans to increase at four times its current pace.

We invited Partners FCU President/CEO John Janclaes on the show to give us a “behind-the-scenes” look at what this digital acceleration actually means for the credit union and its members. Really exciting and motivating stuff here, as John plans to document their journey on video to share with the rest of the industry. We (CUbroadcast) will post those videos when they are ready. Can’t wait.

Watch the Partners Federal Credit Union Digital Journey intro video here.

In the meantime, enjoy our conversation with John on Partners Federal Credit Union’s accelerated digital journey.

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