“The Partnership Advantage”

The shift to online banking coupled with the reach and resources of mega-banks has left credit unions and community banks vulnerable. On average, more than 900 community financial institutions close every year. To remain relevant and continue serving their communities, local banks and credit unions must change how they do business. Depending on transactional relationships with vendors no longer suffices. Industry players need partners with whom they can form an interdependent relationship and create a thriving ecosystem—one that can overcome the challenges of today’s banking landscape.

The Partnership Advantage offers a guide to creating those healthy business partnerships. The situations and resources detailed in this book—presented in the form of the hero’s journey—illustrate valuable principles to equip you with the tools you need to create partnerships that will enable your community financial institution to thrive.

Advance Praise

“John Janclaes has written a story that is all too familiar for those involved in small community banks and credit unions. Unlike many financial institutions that are closing their doors, however, Janclaes’s book suggests an alternate ending, a ‘choose your own adventure’ of sorts that offers actionable ways to strengthen these banks and the businesses that depend upon them.”
—Jeffery Kendall, Chairman & CEO of Nymbus, Inc.

“The way to save failing credit unions is through creating real partnerships—not transactional ones. The Partnership Advantage envisions partnerships that benefit all participants far beyond the immediate and obvious needs each has for the other. John Janclaes encourages us to imagine how our community could thrive if its businesses and the local financial institutions enjoyed supportive, responsive partnerships built on collaboration, trust, and mutually beneficial outcomes. We are all in this together.” —Samantha Paxson, Executive Vice President & CXO of Co-op Solutions

“Online banking and the hulking presence of big banks have taken an enormous bite out of small financial institutions. But  where others see cause for concern, Janclaes sees only opportunity. The Partnership Advantage details his ambitious vision of a vibrant, exciting future in which credit unions join with businesses to create successful, thriving communities.”
—Chris Parker, President & CEO of Northeast Credit Union

“John’s leadership and innovation are recognized throughout the credit union industry. Much like how The Goal redefined our approach to manufacturing in the 1980s, The Partnership Advantage sets a direction for credit unions to revitalize and flourish, competing in a digital world while delivering the power of community banking to the next generation.”
—Jon Caforio, Principal Strategy and Management Consultant at RSM US, LLP

“An unprecedented number of community financial institutions are being forced to shutter their doors. The statistics are  disheartening. Demoralizing. But The Partnership Advantage holds the key to revitalizing these cherished institutions and  keeping them solvent for many years to come. I was genuinely optimistic when I finished reading.”
—Anne Legg, Founder & CEO of THRIVE Strategic Services

“It’s obvious that credit unions are disappearing at alarming rates, losing membership to big banks and FinTechs. What should be equally obvious, but isn’t obvious at all, is that the key to turning around this disturbing trend is for credit unions to return to their roots as cooperative models, finding strength in numbers. In this powerful and insightful story, John Janclaes makes a compelling case for credit unions to expand their ecosystem beyond members and communities, and to consider every stakeholder with a vested interest in our ongoing success.”
—Jim Kasch, CEO of Canidae Consulting & Member Intelligence Group

“The financial services sector is experiencing a sea change, with small banking in particular experiencing dramatic shifts. No one knows how to navigate this new playing field better than John Janclaes. In this extended parable, Janclaes talks about how executives can find competitive advantages through partnering, bringing light to a key competitive advantage. Every executive interested in fostering healthy relationships in businesses of all sizes owes it to their communities to pay attention.”
—Mike Terzian, President & CEO of Foothill Credit Union

“Community financial institutions are disappearing at an alarming rate, losing customers and members to big banks and  FinTechs. John Janclaes describes an approach for leveraging the power of partnerships to build sustainable credit union  success.”
—Gene Pelham, former President & CEO of Rogue Credit Union

“This may be the most important book for anyone who loves small- or mid-sized financial institutions. In surprisingly readable form, The Partnership Advantage offers sound real-world suggestions for credit unions, community banks, and businesses to thrive by banding together to serve their communities—providing solid financial options for their friends, colleagues, and neighbors.”
—Dean Hallett, President of Hallett Leadership

“As John so rightly points out in his book, The Partnership Advantage, we are seeing concerning trends in the credit union industry. This book is a call to action to highlight the value of credit unions and the need to expand partnerships with those that we have previously viewed as only necessary providers of technology or services. Credit unions have been social networks before
today’s social trend. Expanding that network to include vendor partnerships is a natural and necessary extension. When John was CEO of Partners Credit Union I experienced firsthand how being treated as a partner and not a vendor helped both parties flourish and do great things. This book helps illuminate the possibilities and presents us with a roadmap to make our industry strong and vibrant.”
—G.A. “Jay” Mossman, III, Founder & CEO of AKUVO

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