C-Suite Interviews #9 – Jenny Dorrach

C-Suite Interviews #9 – Jenny Dorrach

Training Fintech Workers to Make a Difference in the World

John Janclaes interviews Professor Jenny Dorrach, Dean of Drucker Business School at Claremont College, about her agenda for the college moving forward, and how fintech workers can learn to combine analytical skills with the human side of business.

In this episode:

  • Jenny describes her professional journey and details her journey from working in the family business to becoming Dean of a business school.
  • John and Jenny discuss how getting back to basics is the best foundation for innovation and growth.
  • Jenny shares her experiences as an international speaker with a focus on how large an impact enterprises have on society, how that need is growing, and how we must step up and be thoughtful about that work.
  • How Drucker is working to redefine what good leadership looks like.
  • The five lenses or characteristics Drucker uses to establish what makes a person or organization a leader in their industry, including the need to look across boundaries.
  • What Jenny’s reading right now that gives her the insight and advice she needs to be informed on all things fintech.
  • How beach walks, ocean dips, world travel, rugby, and a good beer help her recharge and keep in mind that all people are on the journey together.

More Information for Jenny:

Drucker School of Management – https://www.cgu.edu/people/jenny-darroch/

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