C-Suite Interviews #7 – Jim Cline

C-Suite Interviews #7 – Jim Cline

Tracking Trex’s Transformation

This interview with Jim Cline, CEO, Trex Company, Inc. explores the transformational story of the company’s journey from near bankruptcy to a thriving organization through a focus on redesigning incentives, promoting constructive conflict, teamwork and developing the next generation of its leaders.

In this episode:

  • How incentives can either drive or derail outcomes
  • How solutions are derived through team effort and constructive conflict
  • How leaders need to give emerging leaders room to fail and to learn from mistakes.
  • Useful strategies for managing organizational change and transitions.
  • Analyzing a course of action; how did Jim approach joining Trex and how did he plan a course of action.
  • Factors that Jim identified before he joined Trex, and early during his employment, that allowed him to facilitate effective change.
  • Communication, buy-in, and engagement – How Jim communicated the need for change, got buy-in from the employees, and created an engaged corporate culture.
  • Market strategies, branding, communicating with distributors, vendors and customers, as well as an interesting international marketing strategy.
  • Jim’s views on what makes a great leader, facilitating cross-department collaboration, and the importance of listening.
  • What mystery novels, geometry and problem solving all have in common.
  • Jim’s thoughts on the important qualities that a leader needs to possess, and how those qualities feed into organizational succession planning.

To learn more about Trex Company and its product families – http://www.trex.com/

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