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“He has the ability to infuse in those around him a sense of excitement for whatever lies ahead. I learned a great deal from John about leadership and motivating others, and to my own benefit I continue to use many of the skills I learned from him. I continue to look to John as a mentor.”

Larry Flory, MBA, Chief Information Officer, CommonWealth One FCU

“John is a visionary who sees both the trees and the forest. He does not focus simply on today but plans for where he and his team needs to be years from now. Through John’s leadership he has contributed to the success of many organizations he has worked with.”

Carlos Miramontez, CMB, AMP, VP / Chief Lending Officer, LA FCU

“John’s leadership and ability to create and execute his strategic vision is second to none. His understanding of the necessary levers to pull, along with his unending curiosity, makes his approach to developing a strategic plan best-in-class.”

Bill Partin, President/CEO, Sharonview FCU


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