These diagrams and worksheets illustrate important concepts from John Janclaes’s book Doing What Matters: How Leaders Help Individuals and Organizations Thrive and provide a guide for you to begin integrating these principles in your organization.

The Learning Loop

The Learning Loop illustrates an iterative process for continual organizational improvement by highlighting five key questions, along with strategies to identify, implement, and evaluate solutions with the greatest likelihood of success. This model emulates a flywheel that generates power most effectively when leaders work together to propel the organization forward.

Initiative Template

Committing business plans to written form requires leaders to think more carefully about doing what matters and to communicate their thinking more clearly. This template offers a straight-forward format to spell out high-level purpose, S.M.A.R.T. goals, strategies, tactics, and outcomes; identify the champions of the initiative; and share measures of success.

Organizational Assessment

To get a sense of your organization’s effectiveness, complete this assessment by rating each of the strengths on a scale of 1 to 5. Simply place a dot on the grid where your answer (1-5) intersects with the question that you are rating. Then, turn the page to a landscape (horizontal) position, and connect the dots with a heavy line, thereby creating a graph. In what areas do you find opportunities for improvement?

Doing What Matters Q&A

The CEO Corner Information Sheet

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