Praise for “Doing What Matters”

“Doing What Matters distills one of the most important aspects of running a successful business—building a practical framework for continual improvement—into a meaningful and compelling story. Readers will recognize themselves in Mike Spur and will enjoy joining Mike as he learns about the Learning Loop. The fundamentals of the process are underscored by another critical success factor: the need for excellent leadership. Concise and brisk, the story unfolds easily, and each page has something the reader will want to highlight, underline, and refer back to later.”

— Jim Kasch, Canidae Consulting

“The concepts and ideas that John identified in the book truly resonated with me—specifically, the member/client-centric approach to organizational effectiveness.”

— Gene Pelham, President/CEO, Rogue Credit Union

“The storyline is easy to follow and interesting, pulling you into the narrative and allowing you to become engaged in learning material. … The characters are likable and relatable as people that we could be in the same situation as the story follows the drama of potential failure turned into success. It’s a great pre-read for training, particularly for strategic or tactical training.”

— Dr. Susan Cain, Corporate Learning Institute

“Throughout the book, anyone in any form of financial services will see examples that they will immediately recognize and will think of specific applications. I have a reading list that I’ve used for some years with a presentation on ‘Principles for Credit Union Leadership.’ That list is about to get an addition of Doing What Matters. Thanks, John, for your contribution to the financial services industry—and to many other business sectors as well!”

— John M. Tippets, Consultant, speaker, and retired credit union CEO

“I was able to apply the Learning Loop within the first day of reading Doing What Matters. I appreciated the emphasis on how vital it is to offer tools and coaching with care and concern to assist colleagues, how accountability is such a positive value, and how the Learning Loop can be a filter to stay focused on what’s important to the business.”

— Gary E. Ahlgren, Executive Vice President, USE Credit Union

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