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John Janclaes has more than thirty years of experience in the financial services industry, spanning retail banking, brokerage, and insurance. He joined Partners Federal Credit Union in June 2004 as President and Chief Executive Officer. With eleven branches located primarily in California and Florida, Partners serves employees of the The Walt Disney Company, currently numbering more than 125,000 members with$1.4 billion in assets under management.

Previously, John was an executive with Logix (formerly Lockheed Federal Credit Union), where he served in a number of executive roles, including Senior Vice President, Chief Business Development Officer and Vice President of Lending.

He also worked for Duerr Financial, Coast Federal Bank, and Valley Federal Savings.

As an advocate for the credit union movement, John is called on regularly to speak at industry events and to serve in an advisory capacity for trade association groups, including the National Association of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU), Credit Union National Association
(CUNA), and Filene Research Institute, a financial services think tank. He has been honored with the James D. Likens Award as a distinguished alumnus of the Western CUNA Management School, where he now volunteers on the Board of Trustees.

John contributes to the communities in which he works and lives by serving as one of the founding Board Members for L.E.T.M.S.A.I.L., a nonprofit organization serving adults with mental disabilities, and as the Executive Champion for the Southern California Special Olympics, for which he was named Executive Volunteer of the Year for The Walt Disney Company.

A native of California, John holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration from the University of Redlands, a master’s in Business Management from Claremont College, and numerous professional designations. He currently resides in Temecula, California, with his wife, Jackie, where they pursue their passion for equestrian sports.

John is founder of The CEO Corner, an online forum to help business leaders and their organizations thrive (www.theceocorner.com). In recognition of John’s commitment to leadership development, proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to support scholarships and coaching for business leaders in training.

What Others Are Saying About John

Bill Partin  |  President/CEO at Sharonview FCU


John Janclaes took a novel approach to leadership development at Partners Federal Credit Union. After sending several senior leaders (including himself) to attend the Center for Creative Leadership’s (CCL) Leadership at the Peak workshop in Colorado, John decided that Partners needed an in-house version of the program. This bold move took place when the country was headed into the great recession and John never wavered from his commitment to create a Partners version of what he had experienced at CCL so that every leader in the organization could benefit from his belief that leadership is an “inside-out” process. The program is a holistic view of what it takes to be the best leader/person you can be – from your diet and nutrition, to your workout regimen, to how you impact those around you with your leadership style. John set the bar with a truly “win-win” mentality that worked its way through the organization over the next several years and created some outstanding financial results for Partners.

John’s leadership and ability to create and execute his strategic vision is second to none. His understanding of the necessary levers to pull, along with his unending curiosity, makes his approach to developing a strategic plan best-in-class.

Curt Ruther  |  Chief Lending Officer at Musicians’ Interguild Credit Union


I had the honor and pleasure of being hired by John at a time of transition at LFCU. John was, and is, an excellent mentor and facilitator. He guided his teams with confidence while not micro-managing, and encouraged participation, interaction and inclusion. John is forever capable of seeing the positive potential in any situation, listens well, and provides an environment people want to work in and for. It was the single most productive period of growth and learning in my career. And while working with, and learning from John earlier in my career was my great fortune, the opportunity to do so again has unfortunately been elusive.

Carlos Miramontez, CMB, AMP  |  VP / Chief Lending Officer at LA Financial Credit Union


Nelson Mandela once said “It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur.” This is one principal John lives by.

I worked with and for John at Logix FCU (then Lockheed FCU) for five years. During this time I experienced numerous examples of John going out of his way to not only recognize his staff for a project’s success but he would allow them to take the credit for the accomplishment, regardless of how little of a hand they may have had in it. His actions only inspired his staff to work and contribute more to him and the organization. John understands that a great leader invests in others. He has invested much of his time to mentor, coach, and develop people he has worked with. Many of these people are managers and senior executives today who have continued his legacy to pass on the torch and help create the leaders of tomorrow.

John is a visionary who sees both the trees and the forest. He does not focus simply on today but plans for where he and his team needs to be years from now. Through John’s leadership he has contributed to the success of many organizations he has worked with.

It has been 16 years since I have had the pleasure to work for John. In all of these years I have been fortunate to learn what John has been gracious enough to teach me. I am happy to consider John a friend as well as a mentor.

Larry Flory, MBA  |  Chief Information Officer at CommonWealth One Federal Credit Union


John’s skills at leadership and leadership development are to be admired and imitated. It was my pleasure and privilege to work for John during a period of significant growth and during implementation of some very important organizational changes. John was able to help individuals capitalize on their strengths and to recognize and overcome any weaknesses in very positive and productive ways. He has the ability to infuse in those around him a sense of excitement for whatever lies ahead. I learned a great deal from John about leadership and motivating others, and to my own benefit I continue to use many of the skills I learned from him. I continue to look to John as a mentor.

Ben Cowitt  |  Independent Entertainment Professional

I had the privilege of being on the board of directors of Vista Federal Credit Union that became Partners Federal Credit Union. His leadership led to the merger of the 2 credit unions. He has created a very strong organization. He is a dynamic leader who works closely with his staff by delegating responsibilities to them so that they can become the leaders of the future either at Partners FCU or other credit unions around the country. He could be a leader anywhere he works. I am proud to have supported his many great ideas while I was a board member as we grew to be one of the leading credit unions in the USA.

Deborah Morrison  |  CFO at Entertainment Industry Foundation


As a former Credit Union Board Member and Treasurer at VFCU (now Partners), I admired John’s superb communication skills, his integrity and the impeccable way he identified and engaged his team in order to execute key CU strategies.

Andrew Downin, CPA  |  Managing Director, Innovation at Filene Research Institute


John is a talented leader who brings out the best in his team, not only for the organization’s benefit but for the individual’s own development as well. He is adept at visualizing the future, crafting strategy and a roadmap to get there, and encouraging those around him to work as a group to achieve the vision. It was a tremendous pleasure working on John’s team for several years and I valued his experience and mentorship.

Jim Kasch  |  Strategic Planning Consultant


John’s abilities and sharp business acumen are second to none. Not only has Partners FCU flourished under his leadership, but individuals have grown and prospered as well. John has a natural ability to engage on multiple levels simultaneously, to help keep his team focused on what’s important, and to inspire those around him to achieve great things. It was an honor and a pleasure to work for him, and I continue to reap the benefits of his mentorship today

Kurt Mueller  |  Owner at Veteran’s Inspired Business Ownership Services


John is an extraordinary leader and visionary. His success as the CEO of Partners Federal Credit Union is examplary and highly respected in the industry. He is a talented organizational strategist and inspiring leader. It has been an honor and privilege to serve under his leadership.

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